Requested by: filxercc
Kitana theme (Mortal Kombat X) + Broken – Kitana theme (Mortal Kombat 11)
Next up: Bloody Captain America
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* You are allowed to use any song in a video as long as you give me credit.

* If you’d like to check out other fellow mashuppers, I do have a list of quite a few on my channel on the right side. Some of them take requests as well, so if you really want one, feel free to ask any of them! Just make sure that they’re currently taking them, of course.

* Need the BPM or pitch for a song I’ve used? I have a list right here full of them, which also provides helpful links to where you can find BPMs for any other songs on your own: (If you have any questions regarding pitches, feel free to ask me anytime. I’m more than happy to help with that!)

* Every now and then, I come across a song with more than one pitch, sections that don’t really fit in with other songs I mix with, or other issues. This is why I created a folder of VGM I tweaked into my own version that makes them easier to mix with other music! You can find the folder here: