So I just learned the new MK movie is in post production and scheduled for release in Jan of 2021. I didn’t realize we were that close. How does everyone feel about the kast that we know of? Here is a quick reminder..

[Ludi Lin]( as [Liu Kang](

[Joe Taslim]( as [Bi-Han]( / [Sub-Zero]([[3]](

[Tadanobu Asano]( as [Raiden](

[Jessica McNamee]( as [Sonya Blade](

[Mehcad Brooks]( as [Jackson “Jax” Briggs](

[Josh Lawson]( as [Kano](

[Chin Han]( as [Shang Tsung](

[Hiroyuki Sanada]( as [Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion](

Max Huang as [Kung Lao](

Sisi Stringer as [Mileena]([[4]](

Elissa Cadwell as [Nitara]([[5]](

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