Between mashers and toxicity, online frames being wack and jank, they still haven’t fixed the crashing issues. I cant even play the shit in game sometimes, half my losses are from the game crashing ON CONSOLE. What kind of garbage optimization is that after a year. On towers, even good connections online, moving from one part of the game to another, and almost always when someone dicks around on the character select menus like the spergs do. This is why people are so negative about this game its bullshit that punishes you for even trying to deal with it. Fix the game NRS or its gonna die, it already is dying. I try to find a game for half an hour in a room because no one plays against someone with a good w/l rate along with the fact the rooms are laughably empty and when I do get one half the time it crashes and they steal a win. How can I justify wasting my time on this game besides the fact they leeched tons of money usually 100$+ (except the players who bought aftermath bundle because fuck the people who supported since launch) off its players already

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