I know I will sound like a buzzkiller but I wanted to share my toughts anyway

When I play the story mode I feel like the earthrealmers, specially Johnny Cage, are being downgraded a lot, but to me it makes sense because they’re supposed to be the good guys, they are portrayed as sensible, emphatic people and that’s what makes them likable characters I can care about, while all the grotesque is mostly reserved for outworld/netherealm folk, people that, for the most part, deal with scarred lives and/or have a cold blooded assassin mindset, or are mad, or any other reason the story came up with to make their violent behaviour make some sense thus giving them coherent/awesome personalities.

But then you watch the goodies performing all sorts of gory shit while enjoying it and it feels so cursed. I’m talking about certain moments during cutscenes and the whole fatality thingy in the arcade mode. Not to mention that half of them are trained soldiers and it doesn’t feel quite right, they aren’t meant to be like that story-wise.

I’m not saying that the games should get rid of the violence, I’m just noticing a big inconsistency here. Like the game soundtrack and dialogues are constantly teasing a certain atmosphere that doesn’t fit with the context of the game.

I would sacrifice all the complex lore and backstories they have created so far just to make a more enjoyable story mode experience. If you can’t make all that content work, then is just info to be stored in the wikis and to be regurgitated in youtube videos. I dunno, they could hire Tarantino or something.

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