Hi folks, i have a question for people who were very active during the MKX days and played it a lot. I’m really interested in learning the meta history of MKX, especially Triborg in all 4 variations. Like a lot of people who have found MK11 stale of late, I’ve been watching a lot of MKX tournaments.

I know that towards the end of the game’s lifecycle, Sektor and Smoke were considered top tier, Cyrax low-tier and CSZ I have no idea, but I don’t know the reasons for their tier placements.

I also just found out that when Triborg came out, all 4 (?) variations were OP and all 4 got nerfed soon after. Cyrax apparently was especially dirty and got destroyed.

But as stated, Sektor and Smoke were top tier near the end, so did they get buffs again and Cyrax didn’t? What about CSZ?

Moreover, what tools or playstyles did the cyborgs have that made them top or bottom tier?

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