So I have to ask the question, I myself being a skarlet main is wondering if there is some kind of phantom trauma one receives from playing massively flawed characters for example when skarlet has to stagger her strings in such a manner to counter flawless blocks or her own gaps in general.

Just something so mentally profound that its forever in your mind even when you pick up a new character.

I’ve put nearly 3k games in for skarlet and I wanna branch out try new characters, I’ve played frost, fujin and nightwolf and I have an understanding of these characters but when I play with them I feel naked because they are not skarlet or let’s just say “main”.

I’m struggling mentally to stay in the game, for such a lovable franchise.

Most recently I’ve tried my hand at Yaas Queen Cassie a character that’s relatively much safer than skarlet on strings alone but yes the bubble and the tackle are unsafe. Which is a shame because they are fun tools to use for the relatively low damage they yield but yes they heavily plus on hit. I see alot of fun but at high risk for low reward (I dont know maybe I simply don’t understand)

I went up against upgraded Jacqui and to my surprise I did take a set accidentally getting a grab brutality but hey sometimes they can be accidental.

Needless to say that player came and won the next two games… because Jacqui…. who has only one unsafe stri…. wait let me correct that who only has one punishable but I bet in saying some of you might not it exists and I didnt either until I checked, cant tell you what it looks like because I didn’t test it because Jacqui mains dont use it because they dont have to she has 15 other strings that are all safe not all plus but when have you ever met a Jacqui that doesn’t end her strings into a special that probably is plus.

I am unhappy with the games direction in low risk high reward gameplay. Sheevas I’m looking you and your stomps or day 1 scorpions. Perhaps long gone are the days when punishing moves were the norm now its counter and reversal and worst of all flawless blocks, I could get on their side if to flawless block something meant it was always a full punish but I’ll admit that sounds very strong. But strongly hate this system from the ground up as being a skarlet main it affects us or atleast me in every game.

This game to me is not fun anymore yes there alot of care and love in this community but there is two sides to every face, but is this game really that fun or is it something you knuckle under and get on with because you stand by your character or maybe you just like winning and you’ll d1 the day and grab forever. I’m not judging how you play just that the play style exists because devs allow it to.

To know that there those who put in the time to learn but yet will lose to someone who spams constantly. Cetrions earthquake and geras sand trap in the current standing of the game are perhaps the worst offenders.

KL is “by whatever means necessary” not always the most glamorous to watch either.

Custom is just waiting for it’s full potential to be realised as I believe this makes so many characters better but so many moves that are not in tournament variations are pretty much broken in someway and I’m sure no one wants to see the terminator win a tournament with terminate.

Sorry I know this post is little bit all over the place I am not doing well mentally and I dont have anyone around me to which I can discuss this more properly so thus I’m a mess right now.

I do think the game could be more fun but it maintains this “safe” mentality and know that only if a character is safe is what puts them high on the tier lists not damage dealt just “safe” not pressure not zoning just “safe”

I’m gonna go ahead and say I think from a gameplay perspective mk12 will be further developed in that mindset to where only spacing comes into question not even countering certainly not a punish.

This game has brought me joy but also great pain, they advocated this game of all there games would be balanced but its certainly not these games never will be so long as there as vast gaps how characters play and yes I agree that character ms should be versatile and different other why bother right? But and this is my final point why must some characters be straight up hindered or gimmicked to the extent that means they cannot take on certain characters

And I mean when you put a true projectile warrior up against a character that has no projectiles or just a shit one.

Just had this great thought for custom kl imagine picking your character in the select screen but instead of picking set variations tournament or other wise you will then be able to choose what moves or abilities just before the fight begins say you and your opponent have a minute to choose what want and yes you would be able to see what they are picking.

Because honestly the set variations in mk11 baffle me bring back mkx level variations where they all feel completely different.

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