Borrowing this topic!

After some thought, I think reintroducing Frost as a Kombat Kid would have been a great idea.

1. She still would have been trained under Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei
2. She could have had a Rivalry with all Kombat Kids, specifically Cassie due to their short history in the Black Dragon Death Match (MKX Comics)
3. Felt she was superior over the others because of her Power/Lineage and should have been “Leader”
4. A mission could have gone wrong and all had to abort but Frost did not, so she was left behind and thought to have been killed since there was no contact, much to the teams dismay.
5. She would have had been rooted more into the story, so making her betrayal would have had more impact not just on Kuai Liang but the Special Forces

Just an Idea, Thoughts!

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